Friday, July 18, 2008

esOk.19 julai 08.

19julai.agen risikan cik yam mau ke rumah gue.errr......mcm mimpi je.Umur 22thun.Die..26thun.kawan2 sume tgh sibok nak abiskan degree lg 2-3 tahun.....aku?
hehe.dah ke depan. . . . . .yay.
insyallah if jodoh pnjang.aku dan dia akan jadi satu.winkwink +_+. wish me luck.

a SeeD.
A seed was planted in my core
It grew and lived and spread out more
It spread out roots and grabbed the Earth
It grew taller and bigger in girth
Deeper and deeper it cemented its feel
Because of that, I know it’s real
For just like nature, it starts off small
And its growth will never stall
For it is agapie I feel and it humbles me
Knowing this feeling is rare in this century
I shall never take for granted
This feeling that you planted
It fills my heart in every way
And grows stronger with each passing day
But unlike nature this shall never cease
Only moments of passionate release
And then a rebuild up of desires starts
In our bodies, minds and hearts...
g-nOla...thanXx alot dear.i'm happy wit u. i wanna be wit u foreva..luV u!!muah2!

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