Monday, July 14, 2008

a little advice to my big sista......from ur lil sista.


erm..yea i knOw..ur heart was broken by one boy,yes i know thats true.but it shouldnt even matter cuz he did not deserve u. dont waste ur time caring for someone who's not it all for someone whose feelings they will day u will meet that boy,who makes all dreams real.All this sadness isnt worthy for your heart to feel.So close ur eyes..then listen with your heart.Nows the time to move on, get a head start. U might be angry still,and maybe kinda sad.There will always be good memories,that u once had.Dont give up,remain strong.There'll always be a place for u,where u do belong. Life is far too precious to waste it all on hate.Everything happen has a reason,to live is not too late.If ur ever lonely,and feel nobody cares, just look around and know its true...somehow somewhere someones loving you...yeaaahhh.....wake up sis!

i luRve u so muchH!

froM : g-nOL4200ra.....

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