Thursday, April 28, 2011

One year and a half .

Dear Arissa ,

You're 1 year and a half.....and you're papa look alike now.
And you love cat and bird!You're so excited when you saw maklang's cat,Puteh and also a singing bird in the birdhouse.
Every morning, you will jump into your jogger and ask your atok to push it around.
Atok say's that your new hair cut looks good on you.ErrrggHhh! I was trembling when I cut your hair. You're moving around here and there!Thanx ALLAH you have a cute n beautiful face. No matter how the hair is messed up, you still look great.. !

You’re still awake at 9pm.Well, these days, you’re sleeping at 10pm or 11pm.. You also tend to sleep late in the afternoon at around 2p.m. or 3p.m. You find it hard to sleep with Mama so I let your papa lull you to sleep. With Mama, you always think of playing or with Mama X5 phone, watching cartoon on youtube, or book-reading so, sleeping is secondary to you, unless your eyes become so droopy.

Your singing always make me smile....even it just "na na naaaa..n lalalaaa".Your inspired me when i felt like giving up on everything.You are my sunshine in the storm~
Sometimes I think I know u better than myself...I know the way your hair naturally fall..
I know the way your eyes sparkle with your smile..
I usually know what you’re saying, even if no one else does..
You are my notty gurl. but mama sayang kamOo,.remember that..
You are one year and a half but....sometimes when I look at you, especially when you’re sleeping,  I still see my little newborn baby..fresh from oven ~ Please...don't grow up too fast .hehe..

I love u my little honey .

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